Zaycon Fresh Natural Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast $1.69

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 11.30.48 AM

It’s time to order your Zaycon Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast for the amazing price of $1.69 a pound (sold in a 40 lb box).   Depending on your location, pick up times will vary. Make sure you order sooner rather than later, these often sell out.   They have Zaycon Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast  pick up locations available throughout the US, so you should find one in your area.  Pick up dates are towards the middle and end of June.

If you think 40 lbs is too much for you, consider splitting a box with family or friends

You won’t want to miss this event, the chicken is 100% natural with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients. The chicken comes fresh directly from the farm and has never been frozen.   You can sign up or login to the Zaycon Food website and click on the “locations” tab to see if they are coming to a city near you.

Here is what you will need to do:

  • Sign up or login to your Zaycon Foods account
  • Click on the “events” tab & choose your pick up location
  • Purchase the amount of chicken you would like to order (40 lb boxes)
  • Visit your pick up location on the specified day.
  • You won’t even need to get out of your car, the great folks at Zaycon Fresh will load it up for you
  • Head home and process your chicken by cleaning it and then freezing or canning it.

If you have any questions about Zaycon Fresh chicken, let me know, I have been ordering from them for years now and have been very pleased.   The pick-up process is a breeze too, it’s easier than ordering a cheeseburger from McDonalds!

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10 FREE Kindle Books (FREE Kindle Friday)

10 new FREE Kindle books every Friday

Every Friday I hand select 10 Kindle books that are FREE and share them with you.  If you enjoy these FREE Kindle books make sure you check the blog on Tuesday because I post more then too.  Enjoy!

Important note! These books were FREE when I posted them, you will need to make sure the price is still $0.00 when you go to download the book!   Amazon prices can change at any time (and often do)!

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.44.04 PM

Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther
(print list price $14.99)

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.45.15 PM

First World (A Walker Saga Book 1)
(print list price $12.99)

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.11.20 PM

(digital list price $2.99)

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.20.38 PM

Doesn’t She Look Natural? (The Fairlawn Series Book 1)
(print list price $12.99)

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.58.59 AM
Dawn’s Prelude (Song of Alaska Book #1)
(print list price $15.00)

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 8.04.02 AM
Fields of Elysium
(digital list price $.99)

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.08.05 PM

The Green City Market Cookbook
(print list price $24.99)

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.05.41 PM

Effortless Savings: A Money Management Guide to Saving Without Sacrifice
(print list price $14.95)

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.14.45 PM

Daniel the Draw-er
(print list price $6.99)

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 10.16.42 PM

Sugar & Clive and the Circus Bear
(digital list price $4.49)

These books can be downloaded and read on your Kindle or Kindle Fire.    Don’t have a Kindle?  You can download the Kindle App and read the books on your PC, Blackberry, Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

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Amazon: Ooma Telo Phone with Wireless + Bluetooth Adapter + FREE Shipping

amazon omo phone

Today only, Amazon has the highly rated Ooma Telo Air VoIP Phone with Wireless plus Bluetooth Adapter priced at $89.99 + FREE shipping!

I’d love to hear if anyone had experience with this!

  • Includes Ooma Wireless + Bluetooth Adapter which enables your Ooma Telo to connect to the Internet wirelessly using your Wi-Fi network. The built-in Bluetooth function also links your mobile phone to your Telo
  • Free U.S. callingCall anyone, anywhere in the U.S. for free. Pay only applicable taxes and fees
  • Low-cost international callingMake international calls starting at pennies per minute
  • Bundled features: voicemail, caller-ID, call-waitingEnjoy the convenience of caller-ID and call-waiting- at no extra charge

Price is valid today (4/17) only, while supplies last.

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Amazon: Save 50% or more on Kids Spring & Summer Apparel

amazon 50 off kids clothes

For a limited time, Amazon is offering 50% off or more on spring & summer clothes for kids.  We spotted some amazing deals on cute dresses, 2-3 piece sets, tees & more, some styles up to 70% off!  FREE shipping with Amazon Prime or Super Saver Shipping.

be sure to check out the huge selection of kids spring & summer clothes 50% off or more at Amazon, but here are a few things we found:

amazon girl dress

Youngland Little Girls’ Textured Dress
   (reg $52.00)   SAVE 76%

amazon boy set

Little Rebels Baby Little Boys’ 2-pc Knit Shirt & Short
   (reg $34.00)   SAVE 61%

amazon girls zebra set

Young Hearts Girls’ 2-pc Zebra Print Butterfly Shirt & Pant
   (reg $40.00)   SAVE 67%

amazon boy tee

Marvel Little Boys’ Logo Tee (3 Pack)
   (reg $29.99)   SAVE 50%

amazon bon bebe set

BON BEBE Baby-Girls I’M So Sweet 4-pc Set
(reg $22.00)   SAVE 54%

Amazon prices can change at any time, these prices were valid when posted.

Thanks Hip2Save!

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Clean Books for Teens – Girls (List Updated Monthly)

Great list of Clean Books for Teen Girls - Updated monthly!

My daughter and I have compiled this list of clean books for teen girls to help you determine books your teen can read so you won’t have to worry about the content.   I recently picked up a book from the library for my daughter via a recommendation and she returned it to me unfinished because there were situations and language inside that made her feel uncomfortable.  Yikes!

What is a “clean” book?   I know everybody’s opinion may vary, but here is how we define a “clean” book.   These books are not filled with swear words or sexual situations.    None of these books have a mature 17+ rating.     I generally err on the side of caution when it comes to “clean” books, but again, perspectives vary.   If you consider the Twilight series to be acceptable books, then you should have no problem with any of the books recommended on this list.    Incidentally, the Twilight series did NOT make this list, because it was just on the edge of what I would consider “clean” for teens.   Finally, while I made this list for teens, many of these books are entertaining for adults too.   I personally loved all of the Kasie West books and many others on this list as well.  In addition to enjoying the stories, reading some of the same books that my teens read has often provided opportunities for conversations that help build on the parent/teen relationship,which is always an added bonus.

This list will be updated on a monthly basis.  My children or I have personally read each book on this list to make sure they meet our standards for a clean read.  Please leave suggestions on this post of books that you think are worthy to be added to this list and we will check them out.

clean books matched

The Matched book is part of a series.  I have read the entire series, but the last 2 books didn’t really “wow” me and they were more violent than the first one.  I think they would still be fine for teens to read, I just wanted to give you a heads up on why I didn’t actually add them to this list.  The Leviathan book is also part of a series and would be great for boys too (I am still working on compiling a list for boys and hope to have it up next month).

NEW!    Matched (Kindle edition)

NEW!    Don’t Die, My Love ~ (Kindle edition)

NEW!    Leviathan (The Leviathan Trilogy) ~ (Kindle edition)

The Warrior Heir

The Warrior Heir is the first in a series of 5 books.  This series would be great for boys too.   Better Off Friends was a great read, there was one swear word towards the very end of the book, so I wanted to give you a heads up on that if you want no foul language at all.

Remembrandt ~ (Kindle edition)

Better Off Friends ~ (Kindle edition)   **The B**** word is used once**

The Warrior Heir (The Heir Chronicles, Book 1) ~ (Kindle edition)

Kasie West Pivot Point & The Distance Between Us (Clean Books for Teens)

The following books are by Kasie West, both my daughter and I loved them all!   I can personally say these are at the top of my list as some of the best books I have read this year.  I love her writing style and I highly recommend them to teens and adults!

Pivot Point – (Kindle edition)

Split Second (Pivot Point) – (Kindle edition)

The Distance Between Us – (Kindle edition)

On the Fence  – (Kindle edition)

clean teen books

I highly recommend the Girl of Fire and Thorns, this book is part of a series, I haven’t had the chance to read the remaining books in the series, but I plan to soon.   Jennifer E. Smith is another author that I found that has mostly clean books, so you may want to check out her other titles as well.

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight ~ (Kindle edition)

Where Love Finds You (The Unspoken Series) ~ (Kindle edition – Usually FREE!)

The Girl of Fire and Thorns ~ (Kindle edition)

clean books Christy Miller

We’ve added 1 more Jenny B. Jones book to the clean read list.  So far all of her books we have read are clean, so you may want to check out her other titles too. We’ve also added the entire Christy Miller series to the list, there are actually 9 books in the series (we’ve included 3 volumes each with 3 books).

There You’ll Find Me ~ (Kindle edition)

Sean Griswold’s Head ~ (Kindle edition)

The Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 1 (Books 1-3) ~ (Kindle edition)

The Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 2 (Books 4-6) (Kindle edition)

The Christy Miller Collection, Vol. 3 (Books 7-9)  ~ (Kindle edition

michael vey clean books

The Michael Vey series was loved by both boys and girls in our family.   My husband even read it to our 8 year old and they both liked it too.   It’s a great series for the whole family.

Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 (Book 1) ~ (Kindle edition)

Michael Vey 2: Rise of the Elgen ~ (Kindle edition)

Michael Vey 3: Battle of the Ampere ~ (Kindle edition)

Clean books new november

All of these books are the first in a series, we’ll keep you updated if the rest of the books are as great as the first books in the series.

Uglies  – (Kindle edition)

Unearthly – (Kindle edition)

Cinder: Book One of the Lunar Chronicles – (Kindle edition)

Clean Books Sci Fi

All of these book have a sci-fi feel to them. My son was actually the one that read all of these and he enthusiastically recommends them all (for guys and girls)

The Rithmatist  – (Kindle edition)

Dark Life (Dark Life Book 1) (Kindle edition)

Rip Tide (Dark Life Book 2) – (Kindle edition)

Clean Books for Teens - In Between Series by Jenny B. Jones

I have heard nothing but great things about the Katie Parker Productions series. I loved that I was able to pick up the Kindle edition of the first book for FREE!

In Between (A Katie Parker Production – Volume 1) - (Kindle editionUsually FREE!)

On the Loose (A Katie Parker Production – Volume 2)  - (Kindle edition)

The Big Picture (A Katie Parker Production – Volume 3)  – (Kindle edition)

Can’t Let You Go (A Katie Parker Production – Volume 4) - (Kindle edition)

Gallagher Girls Series (Clean Books for Teens)

The Gallagher Girls is one of my daughter’s favorite series, she has actually read most of these books more than once.   Definitely two thumbs up from her on the entire series.

I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You (Gallagher Girls #1) – (Kindle edition)

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy (Gallagher Girls #2)(Kindle edition)

Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover (Gallagher Girls #3)(Kindle edition)

Only the Good Spy Young (Gallagher Girls #4)(Kindle edition)

Out of Sight, Out of Time (Gallagher Girls #5) - (Kindle edition)

United We Spy (Gallagher Girls #6)(Kindle edition)

The Selection Kiera Cass (Clean Books for Teens)

The Selection Series by Kiera Cass is a popular one, in fact your daughter may have read these already.   Both my daughter and I have read the entire series and enjoyed them all.

The Selection - (Kindle edition)

The Elite (The Selection) – (Kindle edition)

The One (The Selection) – (Kindle edition)

Finding June series (Clean Books for Teens)

The Finding June series has an LDS girl as the main character and my daughter loved them both.   I’m a sucker for a good cover an the Finding June cover is simply the cutest.  UnEnchanted by Chandra Hahn is a great book that has gotten a ton of great reviews on Amazon.   The best part, the Kindle edition is usually FREE.

Finding June - (Kindle edition)

Chasing June (The June Series – Volume 2) - (Kindle edition)

UnEnchanted: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale(Kindle edition~ usually FREE!)

I have included links for all of these books at Amazon for both the print and Kindle editions.    I highly recommend checking to see if these books are available at your library.   I love, love, love my library system and I especially love the fact that I can check out ebooks with the OverDrive Media Console (it’s the coolest thing ever – no more late fees!)

Don’t forget to leave suggestions for books we can add to this list.    Happy reading!

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What You Can Find at Costco (April 2015)

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 9.16.17 AMEvery month I head to Costco and share some of the new or exciting things you may find at your Costco store.    Keep in mind that selection and prices may vary by location, I found these deals at the Covington, WA location.

costco price tag

Here’s a couple of Costco tips for you: If an item ends in 7, it is Costco’s version of a clearance item.   Also, if you notice an asterisk in the top right hand corner of the sign with the price, that means it is a seasonal item and will not be stocked again (it may come back next year, but it won’t be re-stocked after the current supply is depleted).



Spring is here so Costco is stocked with lots of plants and shrubs. They have some great prices too.

garden tools

These large garden tools are super cool! These are priced at $54.99.

garden seeds

This pack of 16 organic garden seeds is $19.99, which in my opinion is a great price for organic seeds.   I bought one of these and I can’t wait to see how our garden turns out this year.


I absolutely love this patio set.   Unfortunately, I am not in love with the price.    We don’t get enough sun here in Washington to invest in fancy padded outdoor chairs.

step 2

With summer coming they are also stocked up on fun outdoor activities for kids. This Step 2 sand and water table with umbrella is $48.99 and worth every penny. This was on of my kids favorite outdoor toys.


How adorable is this playhouse? It’s $299.99.

folding wagon

Another seasonal items is this folding wagon for $57.99.

puddle jumper

The popular Puddle Jumper life jackets are in-stock once again. These are by far the BEST life jackets, they make it so easy for kids to swim with them on. I highly recommend these.

bevarage jar

Oh my goodness, I fell in love with this beverage container priced at $44.99. I almost added it to my cart “just because”, but I was a good girl.


These 4-pack of Tervis tumblers were marked down to $14.97


There was also a great markdown on these 2-pack of Contigo Thermal Mugs, they are only $9.97. This is a super deal!

drill and drive

I found this Drill and Drive bit set marked down to $24.97.

the sak

Save $10 on these totes by The Sak.

The Sak Tote $39.99
Save $10 instantly
Final Price = $29.99

keds socks

Keds 3-pack Cozy Socks were marked down to $6.97 at my store.

water shoes

Water socks for both men and women are $19.99.


Flojos flip flops for women are only $9.99. The Flojos for men are priced at $15.99.

frozen bedding

Six piece Frozen bedding sets are $44.99.

asian salad

This Asian Cashew Chopped Salad is on my list of must buys! I pick up a bag every single time I head to Costco. These are $4.29. The salad is so good on it’s own, but for a quick and easy dinner, I make up the salad, cut up some chicken tenders and roll them up in a torillas and make Asian Chicken Wraps. Super easy and so good.

olive garden

Costco now carries Olive Garden dressing. YUM! These were priced at $6.49 for a 2-pack.

chocolate pomegranate

Happy Day! The Dark Chocolate Pomegranates are back in-stock at Costco and they are on sale.

Brookside Dark Chocolate Pomegranates $10.69
Save $3 instantly
Final Price = $7.69


This is one of our faves that is only available through Summer, the big bags of Salt Water Taffy.

Salt Water Taffy $7.59
Save $1.60 instantly
Final Price = $5.99

goodness knows

These Goodness Knows bars are new at Costco. I have tried these before and I love them! They are kind of pricey at $14.59 for an 18-count box, but I may splurge and pick up a box.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.10.54 AM

You can find big savings on Clif Mojo Bars.   The cashier at my store said they are selling these like crazy!

Clif Mojo Bars $18.99
Save $7 instantly
Final Price = $11.99

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 11.09.34 AM

There is also a really nice discount on Zone Perfect bars.

Zone Perfect Bars $16.79
Save $5 instantly
Final Price = $11.79

honest baby

For those of you with little ones, you can get nice savings on Honest shampoo and baby wash.

Honest Shampoo and Baby Wash $14.99
Save $3 instantly
Final Price = $11.99

What have you been picking up at Costco lately? I’d love to hear about some of your Costco faves!

Make sure you check out this month’s Costco Coupon Mailer match-ups over at This Beautiful Frugal Life, she breaks down the cost for you and let’s you know which item are a super deal.

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Discounted Rates at Great Wolf Lodge on Groupon (Multiple Locations)

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.45.49 AM

Groupon has some nice discounts on several Great Wolf Lodge locations.  Prices start as low as $220 for a family suite which includes a $25 resort credit for Grand Mound WA location, and dates go through July.  Some black out dates may apply.

Details and costs for each location vary, so be sure to check out the details and different options that are available at a location near you.

Here is what is included in the package for Grand Mound WA location:

  • Stay for six in a Wolf Den or Kid Kamp suite, stay for seven in a Kid Cabin suite, or stay for eight in a Grand Bear suite
  • Daily water park wristbands for each guest
  • $25 resort credit per night
  • Dates into July

Fine print: Dates cannot be changed once booked, valid only for night(s) purchased.  4-day cancellation notice required prior to check-in or reservation is nonrefundable.  Reservations made within cancellation window are nonrefundable.  Additional fees  include $19.99 plus tax daily resort fee added at purchase.  Rates may vary by date and are subject to availability.

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