JCPenney: Friday is Markdown Day!! (2/17)

This is just a reminder that tomorrow Friday, February 17th will be a markdown day at JCPenny.    They markdown items to their best prices on the first and third Friday of every month.    When you head to the store, you will want to look for the blue signs and items with blue price stickers.

I checked out my JCPenney earlier this week, and I found some amazing deals, items marked down as low as $1.00.   Make sure you head over HERE to learn more about the new system JCPenney is using to price their items.

If you head to JCPenney tomorrow, I would like to hear about what you find, and I would love to see some photos.   Email them to me at or go ahead an post them on the Thrifty & Thriving facebook page.



  1. Courtney Holcomb says

    Thanks for the tip, I need to go there and get my daughter some jeans anyway! Question: do you know if they mark down as a process all day, like should we go Fri nite/ Sat for a better look at what is marked down so we don’t miss something? Or do you think they swap signs the nite before?

  2. says

    @Courtney This will be the first time I have been, so I am not 100% certain, but I would think things would be marked down over night.

  3. katie says

    When I went a little after the store opened there was so much! but it was going really really fast. I scored lots of warm ups, sweats and stretch pants for $1, long sleeved shirts for $1, pjs for $1, shoes for $2, hats amd glove sets for $2, and a double jacket for $7

  4. Amy says

    They mark down on Thursday evenings- before the store closes…
    I got some great bargains today- lots of clothes for my litle boy- spider man shirts for $2, lots of other long sleeves shirts for $1, sweatshirts and fleece sweatshirts for $2, pajamas for $3, and 2 nice suits for $4 each (we are going to a wedding in July but not sure what size he will be in by then). I also found a really nice fancy dress for me in the juniors for $2!

  5. katie says

    I dont think so because the clothes I got in the store are a lot more online. For an example the pjs I got for $2 a pair are $6 online still.


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