Walmart Christmas Clearance now 75% off

Looks like Walmart’s Christmas clearance is now 75% off.  These clearance deals were spotted at the Covington Wa store.  The signs still said 50% but everything scanned at 75% off!

Keep in mind clearance prices and availability may vary by locations. Let us know what great deals you find and location.



  1. Kristin says

    I got little hand sanitizers for .25. Ribbon for .60. Gift card holders for .38. Definitely worth a look.
    Fort Worth Texas

  2. Jere Ann says

    Did you see any gift tags in Covington? And does Walmart ever put their tape on sale like Target??

  3. says

    @Jere Ann No, the tape was not on clearance. I saw some gift tags, but they were all character ones like Spongebob and Princess ones.

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