70% off (was 75% off) Target Toy Clearance: Get you Game Plan!!

Here are some ideas and pointers to help you make yourself a game plan for the Target toy clearance.   To make the most of this sale, you have got to get yourself a game plan!!  (Doesn’t that full row of clearance toys make you just a little giddy?)

1. You will want to visit all of your local Target stores now. I have 3-4 Target’s that are within a half an hour of my home, my plan is to check them all out now and see which location has the largest selection of clearance toys.   Not only will I want to see which store has the most clearance items, but I will see which one has more of the items that I am interested in.   If I see a store with lots of Lego’s, I may head there first.   If you check the stores out now, you will be familiar with the items that you hope to find.  The store that meets the most of your needs should be the one you shop at first.

2. If you see an item that you are extremely interested in, but the stock is very low, you may want to pick it up at 50% off. I do this for VERY FEW items, because I figure another amazing sale will always come along.  I have picked up Star Wars Lego’s before at 50% off.   The past couple of years, not many of the Lego’s make it past the 50% off markdown.

If you see an item that has been marked down to 70% off and you already purchased the item at 50% off, you will not be eligible for a price adjustment.   Target does not do price adjustments on clearance items.   You can buy the item at 70% off and then return the original item with your 50% off receipt.

3.  Once you have seen which toys are available, go home and check the reviews on Amazon. Some toys aren’t worth the money even at 70% off. I want to make sure I am not bringing home any items that aren’t worth the money I paid.

4. Don’t make any appointments on Wednesday or Thursday for the next 3 weeks.   I am serious about this one!!   It may seem silly, but you don’t want to miss the sale, because you had a dental appointment.  Seriously, what’s more fun – shopping the 70% off Target toy clearance of getting your teeth cleaned?

5. Get your hiding spot ready! Once you buy your toys, you are going to need a place to hide them.   I have kept things in my car a couple of times, because I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to store them.   On both occasions one of the kids saw something that I was planning to give them for their birthday.  I hate when that happens!

6. Figure out your budget now, and stick with it. It is so easy to go overboard when you see all of the great deals.   I would also make a list of  potential gifts you will need for the year.  It’s much easier to decide what to buy when you have specific people in mind.  When I am shopping for birthdays that my kids may get invited to, I just shop for general toys (Boys/Age 6, Girls/Age 10, etc)

7.  Check to see if there are any available coupons or rebates. You can make the 70% off clearance even better if you use any coupons or rebates available.

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  1. Brandy says

    Don’t want to cause a panic but some on gottadeal are posting finding markdowns today to 75 %- since my local store still has X-mass at 75-not 90 and they are still resetting toys-there has been a team working there everyday since Sunday—I”m doubtful that it will happen today-I”ll be back tomorrow am–but I plan to check another store this afternoon

  2. Tammy says

    I amm in Pittsburgh, PA and was just at Target. Lets just say, I dont think we are hitting 75% until the 20th! Majority of toys are still at 30% and they were marking some toys down to 50%. Our Christmas is still at 75% and 50%. Our Target is sooooo slow to mark down and like overnight then stuff will be gone!

  3. KT in NJ says

    I’m in Princeton, New Jersey and just stopped by a nearby Target. I encountered no less than 10 associates frantically pulling toys from shelves, scanning items, and either putting things on carts to be sent back to manufacturers or putting markdown stickers on boxes. Our toys are a smattering of 15% – 75% off. I went through everything and found a few good deals already marked at 75% off: Early Engineers Thomas the Train sets, Fancy Nancy dress-up sets, Lightning McQueen dragon remote control car, Fisher Price video camera, and an Olivia transformation house. I asked someone when everything would be marked down, and she shrugged her shoulders and told me likely sometime next week. The deals are out there and I have my sights set on quite a few more toys to stock up on – now we just have to be patient and wait for the 75% off stickers to arrive!

  4. says

    I was randomly at Target yesterday here in SLC Utah and most of their stuff was 30-50% off. I found one Fisher Price video camera marked down to 50% off. I figured it wouldn’t stick around & with my dd’s b-day at the end of this month I bought it despite it not being 75% off. Seeing that it goes for over $70 on Amazon paying $22 isn’t all bad! I also found a Barbie that comes with a cute bike that was just on a sale this week – I don’t know if it was advertised or not but it wasn’t a clearance item. It was normally $18.99 on sale for $9.99. Maybe I’m wrong but I consider any Barbie that comes with more than just a Barbie and is around $10 a decent deal. I’m getting so excited for the big sale though! Also the one from Old Navy! My oldest needs clothes for next year! :)

  5. KIM says


  6. Gramma Rocks says

    I was at my Target in North Orange Co, CA, 2 days ago and they were organizing, pulling stock from the back, rearranging toys, etc., so they’re getting ready : )

  7. Kari says

    I’m in Buffalo, NY…I called 3 of our local Target’s and most are still at 30 to 50% off…with a “few” things being 75%. They informed me (each location) that they would be at 75% markdown by next Thursday.

  8. Deanna says

    I checked ours out at lunch today and there were several associates still sifting through all the toys moving things around and marking some items. Most of the items were still at 30%, some were at 50% and the only ones at 75% were the batman. I did see several items though including an air hockey table that I will be keeping an eye on.

    I know in July at my store there were some items that never went 50%, they went from 30% to 75%. So I will just plan to go there each morning at lunch until they do finally mark them down.

  9. cindi says

    Was at Target in Eugene, Or yesterday. Christmas was at 90% but little left besides things that are dated 2010.
    Toys were at a solid 30% off. No exceptions – yet. I’m hoping, I’m hoping. It’s my grandson’s birthday in two weeks! :)

  10. Amber H says

    What is your advice for someone that does not live very near a Target store? We moved recently & it is considerably out of the way to go to Target anymore, but… this sale would be VERY helpful!
    Do they let you know if stuff is marked down over the phone? Or is there anyone in the Gresham, OR area that is planning to check our Target that could let me know? 😛
    I missed out on most of the good deals at the summer mark-down for this reason. I’ve got a little one at home and care for another child many days of the week, so it’s not easy to ‘just swing by’ there anymore for me! :)

  11. friend says

    Thanks for your post. I got a bunch of Toy Story 3 toys at my local target for 75% off. My question was, Is it still ok to give Toy Story 3 toys for birthdays this year, even though the movie released last year? Am not sure if I should keep them or return them. TIA.


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