Barnes & Noble: *HOT* $2 Red Spot Clearance Sale (Elf on the Shelf)

I had a reader tip me off to the fact that she bought a Elf on the Shelf for $2 at Barnes & Noble, I was heading there anyway to buy a gift card, so I thought I would check it out.    Sure enough, I found some too!    There were about 14 of the Elf on the Shelf at the Federal Way , WA location, in both the boy and girl varieties.  (Elf on the Shelf are all gone at Federal Way now, a readers said she got the last ones)

It sounds like all Barnes & Nobles stores are having a red dot $2 clearance sale where all items with a red dot are only $2.   There was a nice mix of items, books, puzzles, games, shirts and more.

Here is what I bought:

  • (3) Elf on the Shelf – one for me, one for a friend, and one to giveaway here – stay tuned! (reg $29.95)
  • Presidential Game Premier Edition (reg $34.95)
  • Halloween Craft Kit (reg $19.95)
  • Puzzle (reg $24.95)
  • Puzzle (reg $14.95)

I spent $14 and saved $170!   Wahoo!

Thanks Jane!

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  1. Krisinda Lingenfelter says

    Thanks for posting this! We have one on hold for us that my hubby is picking up on the way home from work tomorrow. I was not about to pay $30 for this doll, but thought it was a cute idea.

  2. says

    No way!! Ahh, I’d drive out there for that! Or maybe I should send hubby up there on his way home…hmmm! I was all excited I got the Elf on the Shelf for $15 a week ago! But $2?!! Wow!

  3. Jessica says

    Thanks! I headed over to barnes and noble as soon as i saw your post and got the last elf on a shelf!

  4. Jacy says

    Ugh!!! People make me so crazy sometimes! Some lady went into our Barnes and Noble and bought the last 40 this morning! So frustrating!

  5. Kate says

    There were none at my store. They were super nice and called the next nearest store (about 35 minutes from here) and they were out too! Bummer! My kids would have loved getting one!

  6. Heather says

    I was sad too none at all in my area! Same story of one lady buying all of them at my store. I really wanted one too! It’s a bummer that one person would do that so none of us could get one, also.

  7. Kris says

    Thank you so much Christy, I would’ve never known about this fantastic deal if it weren’t for your site!! We’ve wanted one of these for the last two seasons, but I wasn’t about to spend $30+ for one. Bought 2 on my 3rd (and last) B & N stop. There were about 6 more left last night (Phoenix, Metrocenter).

  8. Jacy says

    Just so everyone is aware… you need to look in the upper right-hand corner and see if it’s a girl or boy. It probably won’t matter to most people, but if someone has one girls or only boys, they might want one gender over the other.

  9. jeff says

    my b&n said they weren’t having elf on the shelf christmas for $2. They scanned it and it came up as full price


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