Discounts to PNB’s Nutcracker

I have always wanted to take our family to see PNB’s Nutracker at McCaw Hall, and this year we will finally be attending. I just purchased my tickets!  My teenage boys are already practicing their “I am so excited to be going to a ballet with my family” faces.  The Nutcracker is not a cheap event, so I did my research and found a couple of ways to save some money.

15% Discount on Select Days and Times:

98.9 KWJZ is offering a 15% discount on select days and times. Just head on over HERE to get all the details.

Discounted Gift Certificates at Costco:

You can purchase 2 $50 gift certificates at Costco for $79.99. That is a 20% savings. Just figure out how many gift certificates you will need ahead of time and purchase them at Costco.

Who has attended the Nutcracker before? Did you love it?

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  1. Holly says

    Thanks for these tips. We are hoping to go this year. My husband and I went for the first time three years ago, and it was absolutely amazing. It is every bit as beautiful as everyone says it is. This year we plan to take our five year old daughter.

  2. Janet Hodgin says

    I am attempting to find the gift certificates for the Nutcracker at Costco and have had NO luck. Could you give me more info on how to find these. The local warehouse doesn’t have them nor do they know about them. Also looked on and had no luck. Lots of other gift certificates but not for the PNW Ballet Nutcracker. HELP!!!!

  3. says

    Hi Janet,
    I found mine at the Covington, WA Costco. These may only be available at the Costco locations closest to Seattle. I know that the gift certificates will some times vary by location.
    I found them near the front of the store, they had an entire display with lots of gift certificates, including: Jamba Juice, Movies, Snoqualmie Falls Lodge and lots more.
    Hope that helps!

  4. Janet Hodgin says

    Thanks Christy! I called the Covington Costco and they still have them. I am working on a way to purchase them as I live in Bellingham.

    I appreciate your help! Enjoy the Nutcracker!!!

  5. krisitina howell says

    I want to take my grandma to this but i’ve never been would the second teir seats be ok like could you see very well?

  6. Cathy says

    Hi there we have sat in the 2nd tier and its beautiful any seat!! We grabbed binoculoars but didnt’ need them at all :)

  7. Simeon says

    Janet, I just spent 20 minutes on the phone with the Covington Costco Associates and not only were they very helpful, but they are unaware of any such deal. Do you happen to have any more information to share?

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