Disney on a Budget: Check out “Disneyland on a Dime” at Life as Mom

Checkout this Disneyland on a Dime post over at Life as Mom, she has a great summary of everything that she did to save money when taking her six kids to Disneyland. She also gives you the run down of exactly what everything cost. It’s a great read, especially if you plan on visiting Disneyland anytime soon.

You can check out all of my other Disney on a Budget posts HERE. Plus, you can also see the post that shares that there are now 2 restaurants on the Disney properties that are available at restaurant.com – get a $25 restaurant.com gift certificate for only $2. Great way to save money when eating out at Disney.

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  1. Sarah says

    $600 for a day vacation – that’s pricey. Do you know how much you’ll be spending per day?

  2. says

    Since there are 8 people in her family, that works out to $75 per person, which really isn’t all that bad for a trip to Disneyland. There are ways that you could save even more money, by not buying the t-shirts, or drinks she bought.

    The 1-day tickets are more expensive (per day) than if you bought a 5 day pass. The 5 day pass is 154.00, which is an average of 31.00 a day, where a 1 day park hopper is 87.00. So, the longer you stay the cheaper the you would pay “per day” in park admission.

  3. says

    Thanks for pointing that out, Christy. Yes, the things that were “non-essentials” could definitely be avoided, though, I did buy many of them with SwagBucks. We obviously wouldn’t have to buy tshirts, waist pouches or pins the next time. We can use the same ones. Also, it was for 3 adults and 6 kids, excluding my sister’s pass. She has a year membership. So, our per person average was pretty low.

    Thanks for the link love!

  4. GM says

    Hi Christy!! Love your site and all your tips. We are definitely going to look into the House of Blues dinner certificate. The current promotion is $10 for a $25 gift card. What a savings. We always take out food into the park but this time we are going to splurge and have a nice dinner. Thank you!

    I was also wondering if you happened to know of a cheap 3-day hopper pass out there. We are headed to Disney Land in 2 weeks and I’ve been waiting to purchase the hopper passes. The deal right now is $169 for adults and $152 for kids. We have 3 kids. Is there a better deal out there? Thanks so much!!!

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