Get the Red Plum inserts Delivered to you and Find Ways to get Extra Copies for FREE!

I posted some upcoming deals at Target letting you know that you would be able to score some great deals with the Red Plum coupons that would be coming in Sunday’s paper and I got TONS of emails asking me how I got my inserts so early.

My Red Plum inserts come in the mail along with all of the weekly ads. When I lived in Pierce county the Red Plum inserts would come in the Sunday paper, and I did not receive them in the mail. I now live in King County and the Seattle Times does not carry the Red Plum inserts, instead they are delivered in the mail with the weekly grocery ads. Here are some things you can do to help you get a hold of some of the Red Plum inserts:

Sign up to get the Red Plum inserts delivered to you – If you aren’t already receiving the Red Plum inserts  in the mail, you can fill out this form to have your name added to the Red Plum mailing list.  The coupon inserts will be delivered via mail.  It may take 5-6 weeks for the first insert to arrive.

Find out where to get the Red Plum Inserts in your area – If you head on over to the Red Plum site and enter your address, it will tell you which local papers carry the  Red Plum inserts.

Subscribe to the paper that carries the Red Plum inserts, even if it’s not your local paper – In my area, the only paper that carries the Red Plum inserts is the Tacoma News Tribune.  I live in King County, and the paper that is regularly delivered to my area is the Seattle Times.   I found out that the Tacoma News Tribune would still deliver to me, so I went with that paper. I buy multiple copies of the News Tribune, and it only costs me $1 an issue.  This works out well for me, because it’s hard to even find stores that carry the Tacoma paper where I live.    You can get the same delivery deal, check out all the details over at The Coupon Project.

Buy More Papers – If you don’t want to subscribe to the paper, there are local stores where you can buy the Sunday edition of the newspapers  for a reduced cost of only $1. The Dollar Store sells the Sunday edition, and I have recently heard that Safeway now sells the Sunday edition for only $1 (Thanks Lisa!).   If you find that the paper will have lots of coupons you think you will use, it sometimes pays to pick up extra papers.

Want more Red Plum inserts for FREE?

Pick them up at night in your Post Offices Recycling Bin – If you are one of the lucky people that lives in an area where the inserts are delivered in the mail, then there is a way that you can score some extra inserts for FREE. I have been able to pick up several extra copies of the inserts by stopping by my post office later in the evening (has to be a post office with PO Boxes).

Some post offices have a recycling bin for all the unwanted mail and ads that come in the PO Boxes. My post office has done away with the recycling bin, but that doesn’t stop people from just piling their unwanted mail on the counter. If you stop later in the evening on the day the inserts are delivered you will find that several people have left their unwanted ads and inserts at the post office.

You can even pick up some inserts a couple of days after they are delivered, because not everyone makes it to the post office every day. I stopped by my post office on a Thursday evening, which is 2 days after the inserts come in the mail, and I was able to pick up 8 Red Plum inserts for FREE!

Ask your Friends and Family for their unwanted inserts –  Both my Mom and Grandma would always cut out the coupons they wanted and then give me the rest.   Reader Gwen just let me know that last Sunday she put a nice note in all her neighbors newspaper receptacles and they have gladly given her their Sunday inserts!   She now has 5+ copies of the inserts to shop with.

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  1. lizclark says

    it says coupon book not avalable in my area-:( wejust get an insert in the paper sometimes.

  2. Heather Reid says

    Great tip about checking the p.o. recycle bins. Also, King County libraries offer the Sunday Seattle Times advanced edition for FREE on Saturdays. Thanks a mil for posting the News Tribune deal. I got the details from The Coupon Project and signed up for a 5 paper subscription. You can’t beat $1 a paper – delivered!

  3. J says

    I signed up to get this thru the mail and I hope it worked. I clicked send and it didn’t give me a confirm that I would be receiving this, it just reloaded my info I typed in. Anyone else have this happen? Will they mail this to anyone in any area?

  4. says

    I had the same problem where it didn’t give me the confirmation page. I live in an apartment, and just put the apartment number in that line. On a guess I added it to the actual address line too. That time when I hit submit I got the confirmation page. If you live in an apartment I suggest trying that.

    I think it is great we can get this in the mail! I’m so excited. Specially because around here the people that put the paper together are notorious for leaving an ad or 2 out.

  5. Jennifer says

    This is great. I did get a confirmation page. Does Smart Source have this service as well?

  6. J says

    I don’t live in an apartment so I had to leave it blank. Maybe I should type none in that box. It said you only have to type something in the box if you live in an apartment, so I don’t see why its not working when you leave it blank?

  7. says

    I believe the free newspaper “The xxx Reporter” put out by Sound Publishing has them here in King County. (Redmond Reporter, Bellevue Reporter, etc)

  8. Gwen says

    Yep, my neighbors were happy to part with their inserts and I am one extremely happy recipient :)

  9. Nanci says

    Thank you so much for telling us how to do this. I am in Pierce County and was going to email you to ask you how you got your Red Plum in the mail, but you posted this before I even asked!
    Thanks so much for a great website!

  10. april moreno says

    Our local dollar store has our paper here in san diego which i like to get on saturday is the “weekender” all the sunday coupons in the saturday paper, the problem.. the paper is 1.84 they raise the price to 2.00 then tax on top so I pay 2.18 about for the weekender, and since it can only be store purchased its a rip.

  11. says

    Thanks so much for this. It gives me a little hope! I live in UT and in my area we used to get them in the mail, along with our papers, then they yanked them all together. My mom who lives less than 10 miles from me still gets them in her mail and I get a thing wrapped around my ads and other junk mail weekly that says RedPlum on it but doesn’t hold any coupons these days. So maddening. So I subscribed to get them. We’ll see if it’s just the same little exterior thing or if I actually get coupons. I might just have to start going by the post office or something! There are so many people that coupon here in UT though no one I know wants to part with theirs! Thanks for all you do.

  12. Evon says

    Be careful on that Post Office thing! I tried this at my local post office and got jumped on ALL OVER by the postmaster. I was told it was stealing mail. I’m trying to get him to work with me and let me go through the recycling WITH him.

  13. Jessica says

    My aunt is a postmaster and said that I can not legally go through other people’s mail… Our Sunday paper here is only a $1.00 with no tax added on so when saved over a $100 shopping monday I didn’t feel bad about the $5 I spent. My mom works at a newspaper but unfortunately they have to sign an affidavit on how many inserts were used in the papers and return the rest, that stinks!! I could literally get hundreds of inserts if it weren’t for that. But I’m single with no children and 5 papers are all I need. Good luck to the rest of you!

  14. hypechick says

    I have a question about the RP that comes in the mail. Do they send different RP to different addresses? I went to check out the recycle bins at the PO and found different/more booklets than i received in the mail on Tuesday. I only got 1 pack in the mail while I found 3 different RP in the recycling bin. I’m new at this but I’m having fun so far.

  15. says

    @hypechick The ones that come in the mail should be the same ones that come in the Sunday paper. They will vary by region.

    The ones you found in the recycling bin could have been from previous weeks. I often find inserts from several weeks prior, because not everyone picks up their mail on a regular basis.

  16. Lindsey says

    @Evon and Jessica:

    Is it really considered going through other peoples mail if it’s in the recycle bin? Because I’ve heard it said before that you have to be careful what you throw out because once it goes on the street it’s pretty much free game and someone cannot be arrested for taking things from your recycling bins or trash cans. Obviously this is in the case of someone going through your trash at home, but wouldn’t it still apply at the post office if it’s in the trash or the recycling bin?

    I agree Evon that your best bet is to work with the postmaster and try to come to an agreement on something, but I didn’t think it would really be considered illegal.

  17. Larry L. Pope says

    I live in Balch Springs Tx. I have a problem with your adds the Post Office is not delivering to the address stamped on the cover sheet. change from the address to postal customer Mesquite, Balch Springs ect. it only gives someone an address to put on some return so they don’t get mail from that company any more thanks you can have that put into the paper printing design. thanks L.L.P.

  18. says

    I have gone to my post office to find out why I hadnot been getting my grocery inserts from Brookshires etc. They dont know anything,so Icalled Redplums # and was told I was on youir mailing list. The woman I talked to took down my phon e#. thats been way over a month ago!!!!!! Now once again I want to know why I am not receiving my sales inserts!!!!! My add. is Judy Runnels 605 Myers St. Seagoville,tx. 75159 Please reply at 469-288-0758. Thank you.

  19. mel says

    does anyone know exactly where i can go to grab the tacoma news tribune or the federal way mirror…i usually get the seattle times from the dollar tree but i really wanna get newspapers with the redplum inserts in them…

  20. says

    my mailman told me they weren’t going to carry them anymore – that they lost the contract. Is this true? Do we have to get them through the newspaper now?

  21. chris says

    Stop littering my yard every week, I have called, email, and requested
    online that you stop littering. Do I have to call the police on your delivery
    drives ? Does Red Plum not care not care about personal property?

  22. chris says

    Stop littering my yard every week, I have called, email, and requested
    online that you stop littering. Do I have to call the police on your delivery
    drives ? Does Red Plum not care not care about personal property?

  23. casey says

    Does anyone live in snohomish county and can tell me how to get a red plum without subscribing or driving really far to get it????

  24. Karen says

    I receive the red plum insert in my mailbox. What can I do to STOP getting the inserts. I have a small mailbox and work out of town. When I get home my box is too full or the postmaster has stopped delivering my mail due to over flow. PLEASE DO NOT SEND INSERTS.
    Thank you,

  25. ilene says

    please stop dropping off bags of red plum advertising for our apartment building. we get them in the sunday paper which is enough. we end up getting 6-10 bags a week.
    it looks terrible on our property.

  26. Jennifer says

    Ummm this website is not responsible for the mail or the inserts or the delivery of them…it was just an article on how to get inserts. Try contacting your local post office to be taken off the list and leave this poor blogger alone.

  27. Lynette says

    I would like to STOP the coupons from coming to me in the mail. However I cannot find instruction to do so anywhere… Please help.

  28. jude williams says

    Please stop deliver, o f to 100 Capistrano ct. Bakersfield,calif. 93314

  29. kevin says

    How do you get this fucking junk to stop coming to my door? I have sent several requests to and the fucking crooks ignore everything and keep sending me their fucking junk

  30. says

    I do not recieve any adds in the mail I would so like to start recieving them I look forward to them but since I moved I have not been getting them please start sending them back to me please 4533 so 700 east #B salt lake city ut 84107 it would be greatly appreciated thank you sincerely, paulette murdock

  31. Rhonda says

    I talked to my postmaster and he said because the Red Plum comes in an insert that has an address on it, its considered tampering with other people’s mail. I asked him SPECIFICALLY if I was able to just take the insert out of it and leave the addressed part off and he said it would be just like opening an envelope that had a coupon in it. He also said that he “can’t” tell me to go ahead and do it from the postal mail or recycle bins (most of our PO recycle bins are locked now) but if there are any PO inspectors in, and they catch you doing it, it IS a Federal offense. So be very careful when doing this and speak to your postmasters. He also suggested I go to the recycling plant and see if they would let me rummage through their paper bins, because wants its there, they can’t touch it.

  32. laura says

    Hi I stay in san diego and I can only receive my red plum in the mail I never get them in the union Tribune why isn’t the red plum included in union Tribune Sunday newspapers? And could we also purchase them or request more? Thank you!

  33. Jeraldine Barber says

    If you are paying someone to deliver the ads, you are not getting your monies worth. Some streets are not delivered and some are thrown every so often and not to each house on that road or street.

  34. joann lababidi says

    I have tried for 6 months to get the red plum insert can you please tell me what the problem is that I don’t getit thank you

  35. Raymond Griffithe says

    would like to get the red plum etc delivered in our mail like our neighbors do

  36. says

    I would kindly request that the RedPlum inserts not be thrown on or around my property, effective immediately. You drop them, I have to walk out there and I throw them immediately away. Waste of resources, perhaps a few trees to boot! I get enough coupons in the paper. Please act accordingly and promptly. Regards . . .

  37. says

    I have tried several times to register to have the grocery store ads delivered to my mailbox without success. The site will only allow removal from receiveing them. My local newspaper does not have grocery store ads and this is what I would like to have.

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