Homemade Holiday: DIY Marshmallow Shooter Kit (great gift for boys ~ or girls!)

I am excited about today’s Homemade Holiday post, we have put together a fun kit that would be great to give to boys (or even girls) for Christmas.   My husband and boys made these several years ago and they had lots of fun with them.

The best part, these are super cheap to make!  The PVC supplies should cost around $2.50 for each shooter, when you add the cost of the marshmallows you have a fun gift that only costs about $3.50. They are simple to make too!

Marshmallow Shooter Supplies

  • 1/2″ diameter PVC Pipe (at least 38″ long for one shooter)
  • (2) 1/2″ PVC caps (not the threaded type)
  • (2) 1/2 ” PVC elbow (not the threaded type)
  • (2) 1/2″ PVC tee (not the threaded type)
  • Saw(to cut PVC pipe)

You will need to cut the PVC pipe into the following sizes:
(1) 13″ length
(5) 5″ length

Packaging Supplies:

Assembling your gift:
Take all of the pieces of the PVC and include them in the box with the bag of mini marshmallows and printable instructions, so the recipient will be able to construct their own shooter.

Make sure you adhere the printable label to the top of the shirt box, so they know exactly what it is they are getting (they might not know otherwise). Wrap it up and you are set!


Click on the images below to print the label for the top of the gift box and the instructions for inside the box.

Once you have your marshmallow shooter assembled you will do the following:




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  1. Colleen says

    That is the best thing ever! We are doing a homemade Christmas with my extended family this year, and now I totally know what my nephews are getting!

  2. Terra says

    Has anyone tried making them any shorter than the 13 inches? Will they work with a smaller length? Thanks for your help!!

  3. says

    @Terra Yes, you can really make them shorter than 13″ and they should still work. We just put specific sizes so it would make it easy to make the printable instructions.

  4. Joely says

    While this may be an interesting idea for older children I would caution against its use with younger kids as the mini marshmallows are a compressible food that could easily be a choking hazard if sucked in rather than blown out and are the perfect size to occlude an airway.

  5. Shannon says

    I have 2 “boys” one is 4 and one is …his dad…. I think this could be very dangerous… not sure who would have more fun! LOL

  6. Kim B says

    Last year we built a “baby gate” to block off our dining room with PVC pipe. Due to some furniture rearranging and child development, we no longer need the gate, so now we have all sorts of pieces of PVC (including connectors) with no use. Maybe I’ll just print the instructions and let hubby decide if he wants to give it a try, It might not work well for us, though – I think our PVC is 3/4″.

  7. Julia Quintero says

    Hi– Thanks for sharing. My kids saw these at their school Halloween Carnvial and tried to make their own. Now, I can surprise them with their own kit!!!! I am going to be the Super Mama and Auntie of Christmas!!!! LOL

  8. beingjennifer says

    You could also add stickers to the gift box for them to decorate their personal shooter. Maybe even paint the PVC? Or wrap it with different colored electrical or duck tape. Oh, the possibilities….

  9. angel72966 says

    The pic for loading shows loading through the mouth piece, is the marshmellow able to make the corners or do you need to load at the other end?

  10. says

    @angel72966 Yes, you load it at the mouthpiece, and it makes the corners just fine. Blowing it through the entire shooter gives it the acceleration it needs.

  11. Jenny says

    Thanks for posting this! I love the idea of shooting marshmallows. The darts are sooo expensive and they just get lost. I almost bought a bow and arrow marshmallow shooter for I could not see spending the $20 on it. I think I will have my 10 yr old make them for her siblings! Merry Christmas!

  12. Caryn says

    I LOVE THIS! I’m making two for Christmas this year (one for my hubby and one for me). My hubby is going to LOVE this! I’m thinking about spray painting them some fun colors, too.

  13. says

    Found this last night on Pinterest and am making my 17 year old brother one for Christmas!! I have been racking my brain on what to do for him and when I saw this I knew I had hit the JACKPOT! Thanks so much for the downloadable instructions and label. I will link back to you when I am done making it and post about it!!

  14. Kim H. says

    Thanks so much for this idea. It was perfect for the nieces and nephews. Went today to get the materials and then later when we went to walmart I saw they had DIY marshmallow shooter kits for $10. We got enough materials to make 5 for that price. LOL! Good thing we got enough to make a lot because my husband had so much fun “making sure they worked” that he needs his own.

  15. Danielle says

    Found this via the Money Saving Mom’s website and decided these would be perfect for my husband’s nieces and nephews. Went to the store today and got all the stuff for the 5 we needed for the kids and ended up with enough PVC for 1 extra. When we got home, the hubby put one together and I think he’ll end up keeping the extra one! And I’m sure his (adult) siblings will be wondering where theirs are! Thanks for this AWESOME & affordable gift!

  16. says

    I just printed out the label and instructions sheet! Off to Hope Depot next!! MY 17 year old brother is going to love this!!! Probably not my parents, but he will hahaha!!
    Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  17. says

    Oh heavens that’s cute!! I have 3 great nephews – only 1 is old enough for this now, but the other ones will get one too because you just KNOW their daddy’s will love it, HAHAHA!!

  18. red560clk says

    This is fun to play with. Use PVC not the CPVC kind. I built with the 45 degree elbow instead of the 90 degree to minimize marshmallow getting stuck on the down tube. Clean the cut edges of the pipe with medium grade wood sand paper or if you have a metal file, it also works.

    IMPORTANT TIP: Wash in soap and water before you let your kids play with it. You can also wipe the PVC pipe with lacquer thinner to remove paint markings and store barcodes before you wash it.

  19. Stephanie Manns says

    Hello- I actually made this and for some reason i had trouble with the corners… Hmmm.. Its all well though. I ended up making the end shorter and took off the elbow pieces. Im 24 years old and me and my friends made this for our christmas party and couldnt put it down. We all had a blast and the dogs enjoyed eating our ammo too! 😉

  20. Carrole says

    Hey there,
    I made five of these for Christmas “guy” gifts, all ages. They all had a blast (literally ) with these. Even the guys in Home Depot had a laugh when I showed them the plans. My yard is littered with marshmallows, the guys were laughing their head’s off, and the pattern will be passed around I’m sure. Thanks for the fun!!
    Carrole Hockley Valley, Ontario

  21. Kathy says

    Don’t use 1/2″ PVC use 3/4 “instead. We used 1/2 as per directions bought mini marshmallows they didn’t fit.
    Luckily I had a bag of dried beans to use that would work.


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