Homemade Holiday: Glass Tile Magnets and Coordinating Packaging

Today I am showing you how you can use the glass tiles to make magnets.  Plus, I am also sharing a super fun way to package them up! These would make great gifts for teachers, neighbors, or co-workers.  My daughter even wants some for her locker at school!  The instructions for the magnets are pretty much the same as the glass tile necklaces, but I will go over the instructions here too.

Supplies needed for magnets:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Glass tiles
  • Strong magnets
  • Diamond Glaze
  • E-6000 glue
  • Paper Punch, Scissors or Xacto Knife

Supply Sources (I picked up all the necessary supplies at Etsy from the following sources):

Instructions for Magnets:

You will want to cut (or punch out) the scrapbook paper to match the size of your tiles. I used 1″ round tiles and a 1″ circle punch.

The paper I am using is double sided, so here you can see the front of the paper (owl) and the back side of the paper (part of a large orange circle)

Next, to adhere the paper to the glass, you will need to add a little of the diamond glaze to the back side of the glass.  Make sure you don’t get it too close the the edges, because the glaze will spread to the sides when you adhere your paper cutout to the glass.

You will now add the paper to the glass, you are going to want to lay the image size down, directly onto the glaze.  The image above shows what it will look like when you flip it over and view the front.  With this step, some of the glaze may spill out onto the sides or the front of the glass, I just used a baby wipe to clean it up and it worked well.  It is okay if a little of the glaze dries onto the glass, it can be washed off at the end.

Once you have you image exactly where you want it, you will need to cover the back of the glass and the paper with more of the Diamond Glaze, this will seal the image onto the glass.

Once they are completely dry, you will want to glue the magnets onto the back with the E-6000 glue, this glue is super strong and it works really well at keeping the magnets in place.    I highly recommend using the Neodymium Rare Earth Magnets, they are thin and super strong.

While your magnets are drying, you can work on making the packaging.  I saw this brilliant idea for the packaging at a craft fair I visited last year and I knew I had to use the same idea to package up the magnets I made.

Supplies needed for packaging:

  • Plastic bags (got mine at Paper Zone with my Groupon)
  • Cardstock
  • Coordinating paper
  • Washers
  • Glue

Instructions for packaging:

You will want to cut the cardstock to a size that will fit into the plastic bags you have.  Since the magnets are thick you will want to leave a little extra room on the sides, don’t cut it so it’s a tight fit.   I made mine a little longer at the top and then folded it down a bit. (This gives it a little dimension, instead of just attaching them to a flat piece of paper)

Add a strip of the coordinating paper to the top of the cardstock, directly onto the portion that you folded down.

Glue Washers into the cardstock, these are what will hold the magnets in place.  Make sure you space them out so all the magnets will all fit nicely onto the cardstock, you don’t want them too close together.  I used the E-6000 glue for this step.

Attach the magnets and admire your craftiness!

Last thing you need to do is slide your finished magnets into the bag and seal it. We ended up making a couple of sets, including one for a Husky fan we know.  You can use any shape of glass you want.  These were super quick and easy to make, and I love how the packaging makes a really nice presentation.

This post is part of our Homemade Holiday series, to view all of the posts, click the image above. Watch for more fun gift ideas to be shared over the next couple of months.

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  1. says

    @Jessica The links for the supplies sources are listed just under the list of supplies. I bought all of my supplies on Etsy from Sun & Moon Craft Kits and Candy Tiles 2.

  2. kellis says

    I just made 40 of these for one of my up coming bazaars and my daughter has pre ordered some for her teacher:) It is a very cool and fun idea. Now I can replace all the cheap magnets that fall of the fridge with even cooler ones. Good Idea to post.

  3. Elizabeth S says

    I am so glad you posted this idea and the necklace idea! These are both so cute and I cannot wait to do them with my kids for holiday gifts!

  4. Beth says

    I have been wanting to do this for a while, thank you for sharing!

    I was wondering, what size bags did you use?

  5. kellis says

    I dont’ know if it would be kosher or not to say. In reguards to the magnets I was able to get a pack of 50 at my walmart for $6.84 or close to that. They are the bigger ones, they work well on the fridge. Also on the glass tile I was able to find bags of 20-30 at the Dollar Tree. Some have a blemish or two but I tossed those and used the nicer ones. Cost wise I’m doing pretty good on them.

  6. Monica says

    Thank you so much for this post! I “pinned” it and then came here for the full tutorial. Super easy directions. I can’t wait to give my magnets away as gifts this year for Christmas!

  7. says

    What a CUTE idea! I work for SuperMagnetMan and we sell tons of different types of magnets. Many different shapes and sizes could be used for this project. Just an idea. :)

  8. lorrwill says

    I did not have a good experience with this company. I received damaged goods and they are not responding to emails or phone calls. I feel ripped off and obviously will never order from Sun and Moon again!

  9. Martha Spellings says

    Thanks for creating this tutorial and thanks Sun And Moon Craft Kits! I just received my 4th order from Gina at Sun And Moon and I’ve already sold out of all of the pieces that I made using this tutorial and the supplies from Sun And Moon. Not sure what issue the previous poster had, but I have never had any problems, their email and phone number is listed on top of their website and I always get in touch with them. Thanks again ladies!

  10. cheryl says


    Just got all my supplies for the tile magnets. Is there a trick to getting the glaze on the back? I am having trouble covering the entire back without it spilling out over the sides.

  11. says

    @Cheryl I would squeeze a little onto the center of the back and then use the tip of the glue bottle to spread it out to the sides. If I need a little extra to fill in the spots, I would give it a tiny squeeze.

  12. Sarah says

    Thank you so much for post your fantastic packaging idea. I make magnets and other office supplies for gifts and never know how to package the magnets. This is perfect!

  13. Lauren says

    Great tutorial! I’m in the process of making some to sell at a local craft fair. My only problem is that a couple of my backgrounds that I’m putting on the glass tiles have some words on them and they’ve faded when the glaze dried.. not sure if I used too much glaze or if I need to use a thicker card stock?

    Ordered my supplies from Sun & Moon as well! They’re great!



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