Homemade Holiday: Glass Tile Pendant Necklaces

We are kicking off the Homemade Holiday series with some glass tile pendant necklaces.  These were so quick and easy to make!   My daughter is at the age where she wants to give all of her friends a special little gift for Christmas.   We decided to go with these cute pendants.   We had lots of fun making them together, and she was able to choose exactly what style she wanted for each of her friends.  We will be able to make 10 of these for just under $2 a piece (including the shipping charges).  Not too bad!!

Here are the supplies you will need (sources for where I purchased the supplies are listed at the bottom of this post):

  • Glass Tiles (choose square, round, rectangle)
  • Silver ball Chains necklaces
  • Small Silver Bails (this attaches to the glass to hang the chain on)
  • Scrapbook paper (best to choose ones with small designs)
  • E-6000 adhesive
  • Diamond Glaze
  • Scissors or Exacto Knife

First you will start by choosing some scrapbook paper for the design of each necklace, then cut a design out of each one to fits the square tile.  I just laid the glass tile on the paper and cut around it, it was super simple. The glass tiles we used were 7/8″ x 7/8″.

Add some of the Diamond Glaze to the back of the glass tile. You will want enough to cover the tile, but don’t get too close to the edges, the diamond glaze will spread to the edges when you press the scrapbook paper on it.

Place your cutout piece of scrapbook paper onto the diamond glaze, (the image side down onto the diamond glaze).  If some of the glaze leaks through to the sides of the glass, gently wipe it with a wet napkin to clean up the edges. If your scrapbook paper has a design on both sides, make sure that you place the paper so that the image you want to show on the front of the pendant is placed onto the diamond glaze, facing the glass tile. The design that will be on the backside of the pendant will be facing up towards you. (in this example the pink lattice design is the back of the pendant.)  Once your paper is adhered to the back, you will want to cover the entire back side of the paper with the Diamond Glaze. This will make sure that the images is sealed onto the back of the glass.   Then, just let it dry.

Once your item is dry, you will glue on the silver bail.  You will want to use the E-6000 glue for this step, because it is super strong.  Once the glue is dry, just add the necklace chain and your project is complete.   See, I told you they were super simple!

When you are done you will have some super cute necklaces to keep or give away!  The fun part, is that you can customize these to match the recipient.   My daughter is totally into owls right now, so we made that one for her.   She has a friend that loves Zebra prints, so we will be making one with Zebra print for her.    You can also use photos when making these, there are so many different options to choose.

Some Tips:

  • When choosing your paper, the thicker the better. If it is too thin the glue will seep right through the paper.  If you use your printer to print an image, it is best to print onto cardstock.
  • Pay attention to what is on the back side of the paper. The first one we made had the barcode from the back of the scrapbook paper showing through since the paper we used was really a light color.  Plus the back of the necklace didn’t look nearly as nice as it would have with a solid background.
  • I would suggest putting wax paper down on your work surface.

Supply Sources (I picked up all the necessary supplies at Etsy):

This is the first installment in our Homemade Holiday series, look for more fun gift ideas to be shared over the next couple of months. Next up: We will be making some of these into magnets and showing you a super cute and easy way to package them.

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  1. Amanda Moore says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. So going to make these for Christmas gifts. Specifically, which items did you buy from which etsy shop? I couldn’t find Diamond Glaze on the sun and mooon craft kits shop, only the other glaze she had a ton of?? Thanks so much

  2. Cari says

    Love this! What a great idea to do as a party-favor/activity at a pre/teen girls birthday party!

  3. says

    I was just wondering where you were able to find the square tiles? These are so cute and I want to make them for my nieces but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere around here. Thanks!

  4. says

    I ordered them online, the supply sources are listed at the bottom of the post. I picked up all the necessary supplies at Etsy from the following sellers:

    Sun & Moon Craft Kits (Great customer service, shipped super fast)
    Candy Tiles 2

  5. Casie B says

    I love this idea, my daughter is making them for some of her closest classmates~ Do you know about how long the glue takes to dry? I just don’t want to wrap them up to early. Thanks for the help, and for such a cute craft idea for girls.

  6. CeH says

    If you wear these in a high humidity area, the picture & glass separate unexpectedly!! Any suggestions to combat this?

  7. lorrwill says

    Sun and Moon are a rip off. They sent me damaged good and will not respond to my emails or phone calls to get this fixed.


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