Kohl’s Rewards: Possible $10 Coupon on your Birthday

kohls rewards birthday

Have you signed up with Kohl’s Rewards yet?   I am a member and they sent me a $10 gift coupon for my birthday.   The coupon is good on anything in the store and there is no minimum purchase, which means I can get something for FREE.   I love FREE!

Kohl’s Rewards member receive the following:

  • Extra savings, all year long, guaranteed
  • A special birthday offer, just for you

It sounds like this program is not available in all areas yet.   Hopefully if it’s not in your area, it will be soon!

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  1. Amy says

    Bummer .. didn’t work for me either. I tried my zip code (Phoenix), my boyfriend’s, and my mom’s (Denver). And none of them are available yet. Hopefully I will remember to keep checking. Hopefully other people are able to sign up. Thanks for letting us know. I also LOVE free stuff .. especially for my birthday! :)

  2. Linda Fonseca says

    I’m always shopping at Kohl, and they didn’t send me $10.00 for my birthday. I am a reward holder also. My birthday was in March and no one new anything about the 10.00 when I asked about it.

  3. James Yablonsky says

    I just had a birthday and did not receive a birthday coupon. I double checked to see if I was signed up and got a message that I was signed up, but no coupon.

  4. Donna says

    I got the birthday email yesterday (my birthday was 2 weeks ago) but the expiration date is 01/03/2015. Kind of hard to use it unless the store ignores that date.

  5. mary schloemer says

    My birthday card from Kohls wdnt off my email and can’t zeem go get it back. Do not know where it went.

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