More Readers Photos from Target 75% off Toy Clearance + a Tip

Star found these items at a couple of her stores in California. She found some great things I haven’t seen on clearance here, like the gumball machines, the Lego bucket and the Leap Frog Tag readers.   (Thanks Star!)

Jennifer is another California shopper (I think I need to move to California!)  She got one of the Step 2 water tables – we love this toy!!  Plus, she was also able to get a pink Lego bucket – LUCKY!!!  (Thanks Jennifer!)

Check out what Lindsey was able to pick up at the Redmond, WA store.  She got $851.26 worth, and spent $209.29, which is a savings of $641.97.   She seriously SCORED!!!  She really found a nice assortment.

Here are Mary’s finds.  Check out the cute dolls and the Step 2 bike she found.  Lots of great stuff!! (Thanks Mary!)

TIP: If you head to Target make sure you continue to check the toy clearance, there may be items that people return that they will put back out on the sales floor.

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  1. Amy says

    new to target clearance. Did really well for a 1st timer! Is the clearance pretty much over until January or more to come (with exception of returns as you mentioned above)

  2. says

    The Everett WA store still hardly has anything at 75% off, but tons of 50% and 30% off. They are remodeling (as are many other local stores) Do you think this is why they are not as quick to mark things down?

  3. katie says

    I have been looking at what other people have found and got the Loving Family doll house got $7. It didn’t even have a red tag on it.

  4. says

    Wow!! Wish I could of gotten these awesome deals!! I was unable to get to Target earlier this week, so when I went Friday I didn’t have much of a selection. But, I did pick up alot of little toys to donate to the Ped’s ward at our hospital! And I found a Barbie Lip Gloss Maker for $5, my daughter will LOVE it! Hoping to hit a few others tomorrow, even if I can get some more small stuff, I’m happy!

  5. Tracy says

    revlon has some hot deals and crazy cats at target. there are 3.00 off 1 revlon make up target coupon when you buy a revlon tool…also man revlon make up 1.00/1…….bought tools last week and got cats for 5.00/2 tools. when I got my 2 tools and 2 makeups with 13.00 worth of coupons it spit out 5 cats! 5/2 tools x 2 2/1 tool x2 3/1 makeup x1 all good until mid october. btw emery boards count as a tool so there are some good mix ups for 5.00.

  6. Madonna says

    I am very jealous. A lot of the items that people are getting at 75% off are still full price at my store (even with a quick trip to the scanner). Great finds!

  7. katie says

    Everett just went 75 off on Thursday and they still have quite a bit left , when I was there on Sunday. A lot of their toys are not even marked down but still on sale or they are marked down to 50 off but 75 off when you scan them. I know the mighty beans cars set rung up for 75 off and had no red tag at all, same with the playdough


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