Target: Women’s Clearance Shoes 75% off!?!

I am loving all of these clearance reports I am getting – Keep ’em coming!  When you head to Target for the toys, you may want to check the shoe department too.  I have heard several reports of women’s shoes being marked down to 75% off. I can’t promise you’ll find the same at your store, but it’s worth checking if you are headed there anyway.

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  1. chelsea says

    the shoes in seattle have been at 75% off for a couple weeks now. i got some cute heals and some sandles for my mom, 4.48 each.

  2. Connie says

    My Target doesn’t mark clearance 75% off anymore. We get 70% off now. What’s up with that??

  3. T says

    Yes, Target has a huge shelving unit front and back full of men’s, women’s and some kids shoes at 75% off! The Target in Hazel Dell! I know because I work there. :-)


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