Update on the BIG Twice a Year 75% off Target Toy Clearance (July 2011)

Guess what is coming in July?   Besides the 4th of July, and that family reunion you have planned!   It’s the BIG Target twice a year toy clearance.   I was starting to think there wasn’t going to be very many toys to choose from, because all I have been seeing on clearance is the Kung Zhu pets (and lots of them!).    When I headed to Target today, I knew the BIG event would be coming, because I found endcap, after endcap, after endcap filled with clearance toys.   GET EXCITED PEOPLE!!!  The markdown happened last year on July 28th and 29th, I assume it will be similar this year too.

The majority of the toys are currently only marked down to 30% off, but over the next couple of weeks some of them will go down to 50% off, then they will eventually make it to 75% off!!  That’s is when you stock up on toys for your kids, nieces, nephews, friends, and donations, not only for birthday, but for Christmas too!   It’s nice being able to make a nice dent in your holiday shopping in the middle of summer.

Are you unfamiliar with the BIG Target toy clearance? Here are some links that will get you up-to-date on what happens, so you can save some big money on your toy purchases.

  1. Learning about the Sale: Target resets their departments in both January and July to make way for the new seasons toys, which means there are in a hurry to clear out the department to make room for the new, so they mark most of the clearance toys down to 75% off !
  2. Get your game plan: Once you know how the sale works, you will want to make a game plan, so you can make the most of the sale.
  3. Tips for shopping the sale: I have been shopping the BIG Target toy clearance for about 10 years now, and I have come up with some tips that will help you when the big day arrives.
  4. Here are some finds from last July: The amount of toys at the sale in July is usually less than you will find in January, but you can still find some great deals! You can see some of my finds from last year HERE.

I will have a series of post over the next month, to keep you well informed for this sale.   Make sure you “Like” Thrifty and Thriving on Facebook, because it’s the best way to stay up-to-date when it comes to this sale.

Who’s ready for the sale? Shopping for anyone specific?

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  1. Jennifer H says

    Thanks for the heads up I will so be there when they are marked down to 75%, last year we spent a lot of money on Christmas and this year my goal is to spend a lot less!!!

  2. joslin says

    I did this in January and we still have a TON of stuff put away! I bought a whole cart of toys and spent about $150. I even got legos. It was a blast I went in early in the morning and had so much fun. Good luck to everyone going this July!

  3. Amy says

    Which Target did you find all these clearance toys at in WA? I will be visiting WA at the end of July and I’d love to know which one is the best! Thanks!

  4. says

    @Amy These toys were found in Renton, but you should find most of the same items on clearance at ALL Targets. Make sure you check back when it gets closer to the end of July, I will be sure to post updates on the selection at the stores here in Washington.

  5. summer h. says

    Don’t forget to use your mattel voucher if you still have from the recall debacle. I have been saving mine for this sale!

  6. Cassandra says

    Wow this is exciting! I will have to buy some before they hit 75% off because my oldest daughter has a birthday July 21st but hopefully after that we will have enough money to get some things for Christmas!

  7. Amy M. says

    Yeah! Last year I got a cartfull of Bakugans for 1.20 each! and other toys for gift giving too! thanks for keeping us updated!

  8. Sue says

    @ Amy – which part of WA will you be visiting? We found awesome deals last July at the Vancouver Plaza Target. I agree – it made a big dent in my Xmas shopping for my nieces and nephews. I had an overflowing cart of over $200 worth of toys, and paid around $50. Remind us as we get closer!

  9. Laura says

    Hello Christmas shopping!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the update! <3 These sales are so great for my kids secret santa at school and toys for tots dontions!
    <3 Spend a little Give a lot <3

  10. Amy says

    @Sue – We will be visiting the Issaquah/Sammamish/Bellevue area….but I am willing to drive a little for this sale!!!

  11. Heather says

    Some toys here got marked down to 75% today – some Mighty Beanz, Imaginext, Timmy Time, K’Nex, Phineus & Ferb, Charachter Bike Helmets, Handy Manny, Special Agent Osso. That’s all I can remember :) Waiting for the rest to get marked down next week!!

  12. katie says

    Heather what store? When I went to Lake Stevens and Marysville stores on Thursday only about 2 toys at each store were 75% off.


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