Target Toy Clearance: Readers Share their Finds

I have received several photos from readers of toys they picked up at Target today.  There were a handful of stores that went 75% off today, and this is what they found.  I love seeing what others are finding, it helps us to get ideas of what to look for when we are out.  It also appears as if the Lego’s are going to 75% off and not staying at 50% off, so that is exciting new.

I am slightly jealous of Heather’s haul, my little guy loves Batman.  Plus, did you see that Lego she was able to pick up?  I love me some 75% off Lego’s!  (Thanks Heather!)

Tiffanie picked up the following items for birthday and Christmas gifts.  Isn’t that Little Tikes grill the cutest?  That was quite teh find!   (Thanks Tiffanie!)

Here are Brandy’s finds.  Lots of people have been mentioning that they have only found toys that were good for boys, but it looks like Brandy was able to find some nice “girly” toys.  (Thanks Brandy)

Here is one of Cindy’s photos, you can see the rest HERE. Cindy was one of the people that tipped me off that the sale had actually started here at the Renton, WA store. (Thanks Cindy)

I am totally jealous the these Lego’s that Sara was able to find. You can head on over to her blog, Sara the Savvy Shopper to see all of her photos. (Thanks Sara!)

I am sure I will have lots more photos to share tomorrow too! Don’t forget you can be entered to win a $20 Target gift card just for emailing me a photo of your Target deals.

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  1. JMP says

    are there any readers who frequent the Oaks PA store that can confirm or deny that the markdown happened on Wednesday?

    My wife was just there around 8:15 am (Thursday) and didn’t find anything on sale. She said there were already empty shelves.

  2. Leslie says

    Just came back from Farmingdale, NY….44 toys for $220…. Markdown crew had not yet started…but two very helpful Target employees appeared with markdown guns/printers and helped 3-4 of us that were shopping. They were very patient–thanks to them both!

    Legos are at 50%….that was my only disappointment after seeing some say it was 75%! LOL!

    Will take some pictures once I unpack the car. Remember Mindflex–the hard to find toy? $89.99…was $17.48!!

    Going to hit a few more local stores to see what I can find.

  3. Emily says

    I’m in the same boat as Leslie regarding (most of) the Legos – they only went down to 50% here in Richmond, VA. I was able to get some Cars 2 Duplo sets for 70-75% off (I don’t understand why stores in the same area wouldn’t all be exactly the same!) But the Atlantis and City sets that were on clearance stopped at 50%. But I still got a ton of great stuff!

  4. Tanya says

    75% off in Billings, MT — West End & Heights — although the Heights was a little slow at getting everything marked this morning (I was the annoying lady asking, “And can you scan this one, too?)”!!!!!

  5. Christine says

    They had a ton of 75 percent off legos at stafford,va store. I didn’t have anyone that I needed to buy them for.

  6. adrian says

    Legos in Ft Wayne IN also were only 30% and 50% I even had them double check. O well 50% is still great for Legos!!! I got everything I wanted today!! Then hit up K Mart take and extra 50% already marked down clearance toys. All in all a great day and Im done with Christmas and birthdays for the rest of the year!! Bought gifts for 5 kids plus a few extra unexpected b day gifts for $308.18 after tax!!!!!!1

  7. Jacy says

    Our toy department was marked down, but here’s something interesting… some Targets do 70% rather than 75%. I know that’s only a small difference, but it was sort of buggy to find out that my Target only does 70%.

    Oh, and all the summer stuff was still 30%. Christy, do you know what day they typically mark down that stuff? (the water guns, bubbles, etc)

  8. Stacey says

    I shopped midday at Target in Melbourne FL and there was still quite a bit left, not sure when 75 percent started this day. However, some legos were 75 off and some still at 30 off when I checked the scanner. I did complete my shopping needs for toys and games for a year! For 75 percent off got Barbies, Moxie Girls and Littlest Pet shops, some legos cars 2 sets, lots and lots of games that were originally 25.00. I was also able to find some girls’ mixing sets and there were quite a few cute doll strollers left for 4.00 or so. I know the Glee game was only 2.48, but I didn’t need that. Another shopper and I were really PO’ed at the other store near us that lied and said the sale wouldn’t happend until Saturday. She told me she had gone to Palm Bay and it was already done. We both had gone yesterday and he told us the same thing – not til the weekend. Why would they lie? Anyway, Melbourne had plenty for me, but it’s probably really gone now.

  9. says

    @Jacy I am fairly certain the summer type stuff gets marked down on Thursdays as well (I think they consider it part of the sporting goods department). In the years past is has always gone down two weeks or so after the big toy markdown.

  10. lauren says

    thank you so much for the heads up i live in las vegas and got a cart full of stuff would have spent $500 with clearance but spent $130 thanks love your blog!

  11. H W says

    Just came back from the Woodinville Target, and many shelves were empty. It wasn’t busy (– I arrived around 11:30am), but the wait at the cashiers were > 10 minutes. =(

  12. diane says

    i went to my target, sadly all legos were gone, but i literally got a cart FULL of stuff. I got mystery date,glee, battleship, a baby alive doll, furreal frenzie huge set, barbie clothes, thomas doodler, two playdoh sets, a huge blythe littlest petshop set,the cutest bike helmet with a bunny face and bunny ears for $5!!! I know there is more but thats all i can remember for now and i left the stuff in the trunk

  13. diane says

    did anyone else find mobi gos for $14 or the vtech readers?? ive heard some ppl found them but i didnt see them at my store


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