Target Training: Price Matching and Price Adjustments

Target offers Price Matching and Price Adjustments, both of these items can save you some extra money and some time too.   Here are some details regarding these two policies:

Price Matching:  If you find an item in a competitor’s printed ad that is priced lower than it is at Target, they will match the price.  The competitor’s ad must be local,current, and the product must be the identical item, brand name, quantity and model number.  Competitor catalogs can also be ad matched as long as the catalog displays a valid date and meets all other qualifications.  You can view all the details of their price matching policy HERE.

Here are a few of the items the price matching policy excludes, see complete list HERE:

  • Online prices, including
  • Timed events (e.g., early bird, door busters)
  • Items advertised as limited time/limited supply/limited quantity
  • Membership club or loyalty programs (e.g. prices that require a club or loyalty card)
  • Coupon-required or giftcard offers
  • Prices advertised only as a percent off or $ off
  • Competitor’s free product, buy one, get one, bundled offers, or special purchases
  • Mail in offers or instant rebates

You can use coupons with their price matching policy, but the only ones that will really benefit you are manufacturer coupons and here is why:

  • Manufacturer coupons are applied AFTER the price match
  • Target store coupons are applied BEFORE the price match.  If the competitor price is still lower than the price after the Target coupon, the price will be adjusted down to match the competitors sale price.

You will need to head to the customer service desk to receive the price match.   Honestly, I don’t price match at Target on a regular basis, it seems to be a little more trouble than it is worth.  The fact that they exclude early bird and doorbusters means that the majority of the Black Friday deals from other stores will not be able to be price matched.   For me, if I find an amazing deal at another store, it’s just seems easier to head to the that store.

There are a few occasions when I think price matching at Target is helpful, take the Toy Story 3 Operation game that was on sale at Big Lots recently (no longer valid).    The game was on sale at Big Lots for only $5, and the regular price at Target was $21.99, that is some big savings!   At the time there was a $4/1 coupon you could use, so the final price of the game was only $1.  Big Lots doesn’t take manufacturer coupons, so in this scenario it was a perfect time to price match at Target.

Price Adjustment: If you buy an item at Target and it goes on sale the same week or the week following, you can return with your receipt (you don’t need to bring the product) and you will get back the difference in price between the price you paid and the sale price.

Here is an example:
Say you bought a Lego for $19.99 on a Tuesday, the following Monday you notice that they same Lego is on sale for $14.99.   Bring your receipt in to Target sometime during the week of the sale and you will get the difference back.   In this case you would get $5 back.

Clearance items are excluded from price adjustments at Target.   If I see a clearance item that is priced lower than when I bought the item, I will buy the item that is now at a lower price and then return the previous one I bought.

In previous years the price adjustment policy has come in handy during the Black Friday sales.  Normally, we get a sneak peek of what items they will have on sale for Black Friday.   If there were any items that I wanted, I would purchase them on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before Black Friday.   Then I would take my receipt to the customer service desk on Friday or Saturday (when the Black Friday sale prices are valid) and get a price adjustment for the items I bought.  This has been helpful, because it allows me  to get the items I want before they sell out and I don’t have to wait in the long line to checkout on Black Friday.

Does anyone regularly Price Match or get Price Adjustments at Target?

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  1. Lisa says

    I just wanted to share my recent price adjustment situation. I bought a mossimo tanktop for $8 (then used a $5/1 target coupon – so I paid $3). The same tanktop was on sale the next week for $6. I went back to get my $2 price adjustment and the “manager” said no. Four weeks later after getting someone at corporate customer service to finally answer my email, I received an apology and a $10 giftcard. So, it pays to fight for something, it was no listed in the rules either way. Just thought I’d share! (and yes, $2 is a big deal in my budget)

  2. Jayme says

    Have they ever hassled you with doing the adjustment on black friday? That would be a great way to do it, I’m just afraid they would give me a problem!

  3. Kendra says

    I was all excited about Black Friday possibilities….so asked about it at my local Target here in Eugene. They looked at me like I was fruit loop crazy, and asked a manager that happened to be walking by. She said that’s an exception to the rule. Is there someone I can contact to help me in my plight? Phone number or?

  4. says

    I assume that most employees aren’t even aware that we get a sneak peek at the Black Friday ad before it even comes out. So, they may be confused as to how you would know about what is on sale before it even happens.

    I would email Target and ask them if you buy something the week before Black Friday and if they end up having an item in their ad that is lower than you bought if the price adjustment policy would apply to the Black Friday sales. I have done this for several years, and I always get the exact same response (telling me yes). Print out the email and bring it with you just in case you have any problems.

  5. Kayan says

    I was at the local Target and *many* of the items that are supposed to be on sale for Black Friday are sold out. The shelves are empty where the tags were located. I am not sure if there will be more shipment in before Thursday night, but, now I feel the pressure to “pre-buy” before Thursday night when nothing will be on the shelves.

  6. Amanda says

    I was at my local Target (Salem, OR) this weekend I asked if I purchsed an item this week and then if the same item was on sale on Black Friday would I be able to get the price differance. I was told “NO” by 2 managers they said that would be pointless for them that it would make it to hectic for them since they will be having TV’s for example over $200 off.

    Sounds Like no store has the same rules. Anyone else here this

  7. Beth says

    Target actually released the ad already to personal emails and mobile numbers plus with the black friday websites that have been around for years they definitly know the ad gets leaked early. They are all price adjusting for the black friday ad EXCEPT the doorbusters you will find inside the red circles in the ad. Which makes sense. I don’t blame them. @Crystal, I agree. Although it sounds nice…I won’t be doing it. I will be avoiding the stores Friday and Saturday even for a price adjustment! Bring on Cyber Monday!

  8. Codie says

    I get hassled every time I go to customer service at my store. I’m not seeing that adjustment working well at my target. I have to fight just for a price match.

  9. Andi Thomas says

    I’m getting conflicting stories. I printed out the Target press release for Black Friday which overviews the price adjustment policy. I highlighted it to shoe it did not indicate “excluding black friday” and took it into the store. The manager said no. I called the Target 800 number and was told by the rep that Black Friday was not excluded and the I can go back on Black Friday for an adjustment. I wrote and e-mail to get it in writing, but have not heard back yet.

    I was in line today at Target getting something on sale that will be a better deal on Friday. (I’m going to try and get on Friday, but wanted to have one just in case they shelves were clear.) The cashier (at the same store) told me I could just come in for a price adjustment on Friday. I just called the same store again and spoke to a manager who wasn’t sure. Wish Target would get it straight even amongst the employees in one store!

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