Target Training: The Target Dollar Spot

The Target Dollar Spot can be found right when you enter the store, all the items in this section are only $1.00 (they do have a few items that are $2.50 mixed in there).  The items in this section are very similar to the items that you would find at your average dollar store, and the selection will change quite often.  You will see new items come in for each of the holidays . The fun part is the items in this section go on clearance when they bring new items in. When they are 75% off, that means all the $1 items are only $ .25. Super deal!    The last markdown in this department was very recent, and they items only went down to 70% off.

Here is how the clearance works.  All of the items in this section have a colored dot near the barcode.  All of the items with a red dot were brought in at the same time, all of the items with a blue dot were brought in at the same time and so on.  So, when they clearance items from this section, they will post a sign that says “50% off all red dot items”.  I have not figured out a pattern for the dollar spot clearance yet, so this one just seems to be the luck of the draw.

If I purchase items from this section I usually wait for them to go 50%-75% off, the majority of the items in this section are not necessities, they are more like fun extras.  If I purchase items in this section they are often used as stocking stuffers or items for birthday treat bags.

There are items in this section that I pay the full $1.00 for (I know, I am a big spender). Those items that I pay full price for are the tins and boxes that can be used to make a nice gift presentation.  I really think it is a cheap and easy way to dress up a gift!  Here are several examples of items I have made with the $1.00 tins and boxes found in the Target Dollar Spot.

I am sure most of us have several bottles of shower gel or lotion that we were able to pick up for FREE or cheap. The cute baskets come in handy for gifting these items.  I just added a few of the items I picked up and a bath pouf that I also picked up from the dollar spot and it made for a nice gift that looks like it is worth way more than I spent.  This whole gift only cost $2.50!

Most of the baskets are cute on their own, but you can dress them up for a more personal touch.  With this one, I just added some Hershey Kisses that I picked up super cheap and it made a great gift for under $1.50

Here I shared 3 different ways to gift a candle that was FREE!  Two of the ways included gift baskets from the Target Dollar Spot.

I even lucked out once and found some of the tins at 50% off.  I used them to make some party favors for a beauty themed party.  This was one of my favorites, because after the coupons this entire bucket full of goodies cost me only $ .09!!

So there you have it, some ideas to help you dress up your gifts with the Target Dollar Spot! Those cute little buckets and baskets really are my favorite part about this section.  What are your favorite items in the Dollar Spot?

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  1. Beth says

    You are right! No pattern to the Dollar Spot clearance! The team members don’t even know until the day it goes clearance. I also found some really great items for party favors like children’s books and crafty things! Love it! It’s like a treasure chest! Haaha

  2. says

    I did a Dr. Suess Party for my son back in July and got most of our favors from the Target Dollar Spot! They had multi packs of pencils and erasers, some silly bands, cups and small tote bags. I added some little candies and had great party favors! =D

  3. Kristine says

    These deals will never get old! I saw your post, went to target, and the dollar spot is still there! I cant get enough of it for me and my kids! We also checked out wal-marts dollar station which had a variety of things as well from hair ties to foam clocks. Check it out!


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