Target Weekly Clearance Finds

Here are the details of the clearance items I found at the Kent, WA store today.   Make sure you check out this week’s coupon match-ups before you head to the store.

The girls winter wear (hats, scarves, gloves) finally went to 70% off today. I would use this as a chance to pick up a few items for next year.

The majority of the clearance bedding that remains is now 70% off.

The window coverings are still at 50% off, I am hoping the 70% off markdown will be the Thursday or next Thursday.

A huge selection of decorative pillows have been marked down, these are currently at 30% off (even though the sign says 15%)

I also found about 1/2 of the girls underwear has been marked down to 30% off. When it gets to 70% off, I will pick up a couple of packages.

The bulk items that were in the Bullseye Bodega section are now on clearance (only 15% off) and the majority of these items have been moved to their respective departments, because they are adding the garden/outdoor section to the back of the store.

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  1. Shauna B. says

    I completely missed out on the 70% off dish sets. I had my eye on them for quite awhile too…bummer!


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