What Can You Find at Costco (October 2013)

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I had some time to kill while I was waiting for some photos to develop, so I decided to check out what was new and exciting at Costco.   I thought it would be fun to share my finds with you.    Keep in mind that selection and prices may vary by location, I found these deals at the Costco in Covington, WA.

costco price tag

Here’s a couple of Costco tips for you: If an item ends in 7, it is Costco’s version of a clearance item.   Also, if you notice an asterisk in the top right hand corner of the sign with the price, that means it is a seasonal item and will not be stocked again (it may come back next year, but it won’t be re-stocked after the current supply is depleted).

I had so much fun doing this, I thought I would make it a feature each month!

costco crock-pot hook up

Here’s a sweet hook-up!  Have you seen these new Crock-Pot Hook Ups?  You can connect several of them together, which would be great for entertaining.  Kind of fun!  This set of 2 was priced at $69.99.

costco flatware caddy

I know this isn’t a necessity, but I really liked the look of this glass flatware caddy.   I love how you can also use it as a vase.  These were $29.99.

costco silicone

You can get a 3-pack of Silicone baking mats for only $19.99.   I love these!  I make sure to use these when a recipe calls for parchment paper and it works like a charm.

costco serving platters

I really liked the look of these 3 serving platters, they were priced at only $14.99. They would make a great gift!

costco 6-pack mugs

I thought this 6-pack of mugs would make a great gift too! These were $14.99 for the set, which makes each much only $3 each. These are nice sized quality mugs. Break up the set, add some hot cocoa and some candy, wrap in cello and you have several great gifts for around $5.

Costco Christmas tree

Speaking of Christmas, Costco is fully stocked with Christmas items including Christmas trees! This pre-lit tree was $279. I’m a fresh tree kind of gal, so no tree for me.

costco snowmen

I thought this set of Snowman with color changing LED lights were pretty cute, and at $15.99 I think they are priced great too.

costco Christmas lantern

I also liked these red Christmas lanterns priced at $14.99. My son said I probably like them because they look like the lanterns at the Grand Californian Hotel at Disneyland…I think he’s right!

costco star wars flashlight

Since Christmas is coming this means we will see several rows dedicated to toys. I thought this 4-pack of Star Wars flashlights were mighty cute. I have a house full of boys that are Star Wars geeks, so that could be why.

costco sw flashlight close up

These were priced at $18.49 for the set of 4, that makes them only $4.62 each.

costco chima lego

I also happen to have kids that love LEGOs so I am always thrilled when I can find great deals on LEGO sets. This Chima set was priced at $38.99, which is currently priced at $44.86 at Amazon, so it’s a pretty good deal.

costco brickmaster

These LEGO Brickmaster sets have always been a big hit at our house. These were priced at $14.49.

costco nerf 2

Deals on Nerf items too! This mondo sized Nerf blaster comes with an extra clip and darts and was priced at $39.99. Just the Nerf blaster without the extra items retails for $49.99. I had one of my teenage boys with me and he pretty much squealed like a girl when he saw this one!

I guess should have wandered down the aisle with the girl toys, I will do that for you all next month. Sorry!

costco ukele

Costco has a concert sized Ukulele! Seriously, if you have a child that is into music this would make a great gift.  We bought one for our son one a couple of years ago and it is still played with on a regular basis. It’s great because it’s not a super noisy instrument, it sounds pretty even if they don’t play that well.  Ukulele’s are cool, just check out all the songbooks you can get at Amazon.

costco garden gloves

They are clearing out the gardening items that were left over from summer and you can get a 3-pack of garden gloves for only $5.97.    Do you see this item ends in a 7, and has the * on the price tag.

costco snapware

Here’s another item Costco is clearing out, which I own and love by the way. It’s so great for traveling with not only cupcakes but other treats like cookies and more. This is a super deal at $9.97.

costco dark choco pom

Speaking of items that won’t be re-stocked, my beloved Dark Chocolate Pomegranates will not be returning.    If you are a fan of these, you better stock-up. These 32 oz. bags are priced at $9.59.

costco pumpkin pie almonds

I noticed some new food like Pumpkin Pie Almonds, these were $7.49 for a 24 oz bag and are a seasonal item.

costco choco caramel

Have you had the Sander’s Sea Salt Caramels yet? They are to die for! YUM!! They are $8.89 for a 36 ounce jar.

stretch island fruit chews

I wanted to finish out the post with a few deals that I think are noteworthy. My store had an instant manufacturer rebate on the Stretch Island Fruit Chews. The 24 ct box normally sells for $10.59, but through 10/20/13, you can get them for only $6.99. These are all natural, so it’s a super deal!


Lastly, you can get a smokin’ deal on a big 48 oz bag of Craisins. These normally sell for $7.79, but are only $4.79 after instant rebate.

If you are heading to Costco soon, make sure you head over to This Beautiful Frugal Life for the monthly Costco coupon match-ups.

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  1. Angela says

    I was excited to find a big bag of gluten free chicken nuggets on my last shopping trip. I think it was around 4 lbs for $12.99. Can’t beat that!

  2. kim says

    Great tips on decoding the price tags. Now I want to go Costco to see what I can find! BTW I love your blog!

  3. Heather says

    Thanks for this post! Love the clearance tip on the 7 and for the Craisins deal. I was just going to go order mine from Amazon.com, but Craisins are a better deal this time around. Thank you again!

  4. Tanya says

    Thanks for the Costco info/feature. I loathe going in there – it’s always a quick in & out so it is nice to get to see what’s available from the comfort of my desk chair!!

  5. Jocelyn says

    Thanks for the post! Was able to get one of the cupcake carriers. Bought it for 12.97 last week but then was able to find it yesterday for 9.97 in a different Costco!

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