Fred Meyer: 20 Questions Game only $ .89 (reg. $10.99)

I mentioned this deal in the weekly Fred Meyer match-ups, but I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it – it’s a good one!   Fred Meyer has the 20 Questions electronic games for $10.99, there is an in-store coupon that you can use to get the game for only $ .89!!   These would make great stocking stuffers!   I was at Fred Meyer just before they closed on Saturday night, and they had tons of these games all ready to go for the big sale.

20 Questions Game $10.99
-$10.10 with in-store coupon
Final Price = $ .89 each

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  1. says

    You get the coupon in-store. It will most likely be a gold colored coupon right next to the product. If you don’t see them, then ask at the customer service desk.

  2. Kelli says

    What store is this? Both of the fred meyers in my area in vancouver are sold out but only had a tiny section, no big displays. I did get the last one but was hoping to get a few more for christmas presents

  3. says

    It was the Kent, WA location that had an endcap full of them. When looking for these, I would check in the game section where you would normally find them and also possibly look for a large display somewhere. I would think that they should have received a nice shipment for this sale.

  4. Kelli says

    That’s what I was thinking too since they had a ton of the instore coupons available. There is one more fm store I can go to close by and hopefully they’re stocked up! :) Thanks for the quick response!

  5. Bre says

    They are all sold out in Vancouver and Portland stores. I had an employee call around for me. They are not going to get anymore in before the sale is up. Limited to stock on hand so no rainchecks either.

  6. Katie says

    Found this through The Coupon Project……..just wanted to let folks know that the Fred Meyer at 19th & Stevens in Tacoma still had tons as of 2pm on Sunday! There are some in the toy area, and then also there is a big display in the area between furniture & men’s clothing (in the aisle).

  7. Robin says

    I just got home from Fred Meyer in Issaquah, they had a TON of them on an end in the farthest corner of the toy department. If I were to guess I would say they had about 300 plus on the end.

  8. Tara says

    Where did you find them in Bonney Lake? When I was there around 11:00 am they were all gone. The cashier said someone bought 23 of them. :(


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