Target 70% (was 75%) off Toy Clearance could happen THIS week ~ January 2012

This was the exact week last year that Target marked the majority of the clearance toys down to 75% off.  Due to the new clearance markdown system, the toys will only be going down to 70% off this year.

All of the toys have been condensed to their own aisles/shelves at my store (Kent, WA), which is a good sign that they markdown may be coming soon.  I have had several people mention that they saw Target employees working in the toy department last week on a Wednesday, which means there is a chance that some of us could see the markdown happen as soon as Wednesday, January 11th.  However, if it is the same as previous years, it will more than likely happen on a Thursday.

Please check out the following posts for all the necessary information and tips regarding this sale:

Stay Informed:

The best way to stay informed of when the sale starts, is to make sure you “like” the Thrifty & Thriving Facebook page.   I have several readers that plan on posting on the Facebook page as soon as they know if their stores have gone to 70% off. Anyone is welcome to post their news on the Facebook page, we would love to know what you are finding at your store too.

Here are some examples of items you may find at 70% off (and the price you would pay):

Polly Pocket Aventure Jet (reg $42.99)
70% off = $12.88 each

Matchbox Mega Rig Shark Ship (reg $38.99)
70% off = $11.68 each

Lego Duplo set (reg $19.99)
70% off = $5.98 each

Bop-It Bounce (reg $14.89)
70% off = $4.48 each

Barbie  doll (reg $4.99)
70% off = $1.48 each

Wheebles Turn & Tumble Home (reg $29.99)
70% off = $8.98 each

Cars 2 Shake & Go Drag Strip (reg $39.99)
70% off = $11.98 each

Lego Atlantis (reg $42.99)
50% off = $21.48 each
70% off = $12.88 each

There is a good chance that when the majority of the toys go to 70% off, the Lego’s may only go to 50% off.

I can’t wait until the fun starts!!   I would love it if you would email me photos of your finds at or you can post them directly on the Facebook page. It’s always fun to see what others have found!

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  1. Kristy H says

    I have been stopping at my Target everyday this week! Since Sunday, they’ve been slowly marking a few toys here and there down to 70%, none of what I want though!! I have a feeling this is the week for my Target, getting excited!!

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